Built from Scratch:

In 2004, we bought an old abandoned Folk Victorian on Cape Cod, situated on a bluff overlooking Old Silver Beach and the Herring River salt marsh. After discovering the house was in total disrepair, we dismantled it and saved all we could. This is the story of putting it back together and what I learned along the way.


Design has always been a part of my life. (I was the kid who would tweak the pictures on the wall in the doctor's office- didn't everyone see they were crooked?) I grew up in Yonkers NY in a tight knit Italian community surrounded by my extended family. My favorite days were those spent in our neighbor's attic- convincing my friends “this will be fun”. The attic was filled to the brim with discarded antiques and treasures. We created cozy rooms and entertained each other with make-believe meals served on old tea sets from broken barcarts. Later, I would study graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC., and as an Art Director, worked designing products for licensed properties-from Care Bears to Nike to Mickey Mouse.


Design Philosophy:

In my home and  personal style, above all, I rely on the five senses:      


  • Touch: Soft natural textiles, like washed linens, cozy blankets, cashmere sweaters. 

  • Taste: Clean, simple and natural food, I want to taste each ingredient. 

  • Scent: Triggers memory; I use candles that reflect the moment, wear perfume that states my mood and fill my home with scents that people will take with them as a reminder of their time with us.

  • Sound: Music delivers the mood. From hip hop to opera, I love and listen to it all.

  • Visual: Whether it's layers of elaborate interest or simple modern spaces, I like it visually clean and prefer a collected home to a decorated home. 


Collections tell our personal story, the things that pique my interest are those that share the common thread of design excellence - whether it’s a seashell, a sofa, or a pair of boots-the lines/color/proportion all speak to me. If you collect things you love, I believe you can make all elements work together in your own personal style statement.


Phil and I have 22 year old twins, Gianni and Nathalie. We’ve moved around a lot- from Switzerland to California. We have always loved Cape Cod and decided this would be the place to raise our kids. I enjoy moving and experiencing new places and cultures, always taking design influence from the journey. This undoubtedly, is the root of my vintage-modern-mix design style.


Old Silver Shed is a way to share what inspires me,  the projects I'm working on, and engage with you. I'm so happy you are here!