Mother's Day Gift List (Hint Hint)

May 5, 2019


I'm sharing my personal wishlist for next Sunday, in case you need ideas for yours. (We have a history of last minute shopping for holidays). Of course, it's a mix of old & new. 




Urban Stems-- you can't go wrong.



Funny and charming cards with personality. (Nathalie's Picks) Click photo for links.












Start Mother's Day off on the right foot:


1.)  Vince Cadie Slipper  


2.)  Arizona Birkenstock Sheepskin Slipper


3.) Vince Fairley Leather Slide Sandal





I love these brands for their sophisticated and simple beachy designs. I am linking their websites, because they both have so many great pieces... I couldn't just pick one thing.


1.) Martha Calvo



2.) James Michelle






1.) Lou & Grey Crewneck


2.) Lou & Grey Terry Sweatpants



Perfume: (my top two)


1.) Ramon Monegal Agar Musk



2.) Byredo Blanche Eau de Parfum




Modern Glassware:


1.) Fish's Eddy Garden Variety Pack


 2.) Fish's Eddy Old Fashioned Cocktail Glasses

Vintage Wine Glasses:


1.) French Crystal Wine Glasses with Family Crest


2.) Vintage Crystal Needle Etched Wine Glasses






1.) Fish's Eddy Art Pallet Coaster


Dish Towel:


1.) Fish's Eddy Graphic "No Maid Service"<