National Pizza Week - A Pizza Takeover

YouTube 'How to Make Philly's Pizza' Tutorial here!

There are three things I dread most:

1. Swimming underwater---Yes, I am an aquaphobe even though I live across the street from the beach.

2. Being cold----Seriously, I don’t take my winter coat off until July 4th, and...

3. A Pizza-Night-Kitchen-Takeover! ---- I refer to them this way because my family hijacks my kitchen, moving furniture in and out, clearing all the counters- making way for a night of mayhem.

They set the stage for food, fun, friends and family. Yet, despite the mess, Pizza Nights have become a favorite tradition with everyone coming together to share our common love for an airy Neapolitan-style pizza, German-imported beers and rustic Italian wines! (Of course, an Eagles game with them winning is always a great side dish!)

My husband Phil, also known as “Philly-Cheese,” is the instigator...he designed and built the pizza oven.

(See the back-story on my previous blogpost, "Made from Scratch").